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Simple Food diets and exercise for Weight Loss

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Each and every person body weight is different, few people body is normal and few people body weight is huge. But most of the people are wants to fit their body and maintaining the body weight in control. If a person body weight is increased heavily, then it automatically makes more bad effects to his/her health. Maintain the body weight at a normal level is more important to live a healthy life. Many people are following the lots of ways for reducing their body weight. I want to suggest some simple exercise to reduce the weight.

Uses of Weight Loss

Weight Loss is given several health benefits

1. Roam freely, that means easy to walk, run and stair in the steps.

2. Increasing the confidence level.

3. Look more fit and beauty.

4. Eliminate several health issues like heart problem, diabetes, cholesterol problem, blood pressure and erectile dysfunction problem (Some of them are using the Viagra generic pills for skip the ED problem.)

Food diet for Weight Loss

Food is providing energy to our body for doing all the parts function performing well. But the unhealthy food diet makes more bad effects including increasing the body weight. Following the natural healthy food, diet is giving more benefits. There are a lot of nutritional values presents in the vegetables and fruits. Drinking plenty of water in a day is also supports to burns the unwanted cholesterol and fats present in the body. Avoiding the junk foods in daily food diets, because it encourages the productions of unwanted fats and cholesterol in the body.


Running is the best exercise for young guys. Yes, this exercise mainly improves the blood circulation in all parts of the body. If a person not able to run, then that person does jogging simply. Running is best for weight loss your body because is burned 555 calories per hour in your body. It supports to increase the cardiovascular and respiratory system.


No one hesitates to bath in the river water or pool water. Yes, we are all eager to play more hours in the water. Swimming is the best and jolly exercise to fit your body. Yes, when a man doing the swimming exercise, his whole body parts functioning at the time, and water has power to burns the calories. Swimming is the best option to reduce body weight quickly because it burns 892 calories per hours. This exercise helps to reduce the body depressions and stress. It increases to boost the body stamina.


Cycling is the amazing exercise to burns the unwanted fats and cholesterol in your body. Cycling burns 650 calories for an hour in your body. Cycling exercise is not only reducing the body weight but also it makes your body structure into more fit and cute. This exercise supports to protect your heart health and stimulate to smooth flow of the blood circulation without any interruptions.


Walking is the simple exercise and you don’t take a particular time to do this exercise. You can easily do this exercise. Walking exercise supports to burns the 167 calories per hour. You can use the staircase instead of going lift. Purchasing a product to shop, you can avoid using the bike for little distance. Walking helps to increase the breath, boost the blood circulation and strengthen your bones.